Terms and Conditions for Sellers

Us: Us, We, Our Service, Our Site, Platform refers to
Seller: Seller, You, refers to the person who is coming into contract with us as mentioned in the form above.
Client: Client, Buyer Refers to the person who will use our services to buy products of the seller


A. Product Submission Requirements
1. The seller is required to provide description of the product and at-least 4 high quality pictures of the product, which covers all angles. (1. Front, 2. Left Perspective, 3. Right Perspective, 4. With some Environment Setting to show scale of the product)
2. The images and description should not be misleading and should honestly portray the characteristics of the product. The seller will get banned if the information provided is false or misleading.
N.B: The images should be taken in proper light.

B. Product Availability
1. Seller is bound to deliver the product to us within 1 day of the order of readymade products.
2. For custom orders, Seller must stick to the deadlines as will be negotiated before placing the order.
3. For some reasons, if the product will no longer be sold from our service, the seller should inform us beforehand, so that we remove the product form our site, Failure to do so will result in 10% fine on the product’s rate, which will be deducted on the next order.
3. For custom orders, the seller is bound to submit the products in an agreed time frame.
C. Faulty Products
1. Seller will be fined 10% of the product rate if the product delivered to us is faulty or damaged. This may also result in suspending sellers account.
2. If the product gets damaged/stolen/lost at our end, we will pay the minimum price rate of the product, which was quoted by the seller at the time of submission of that product.
D. Payments and Refunds
1. The sale of the product will be considered final after 2 weeks of delivery only if no refund request is received in that duration.
2. Payment of the product will be made 2 weeks after the product is delivered, which is usually 1 week after the date of submission to client.
3. If the product is returned, the product will be handed back to the seller, with no charges.

E. Selling Rates and Commissions
1. We will not sell below the minimum rate as discussed with the seller.
2. We will keep 20% commission on sales price after the sale has been made from our services, which is required for maintaining our platform, shipment handling, product packing, marketing and other running costs, necessary to run and expand the business.
3. Sellers can offer discount rates on their products.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]