Elegant and Classic Jewellery to compliment your cultural lifestyle

Handcrafted Jewellery

These handcrafted jewellery pieces coming straight from the hands of Pakistani Women shows how skilled and creative the women of soil are. This project while showcasing their skills also raises money for them by selling their products at appropriate prices, which enables them to cash their skills. Click Here to view all the Jewellery collected from various parts of Pakistan


Original Hand Made Paintings to light up your Living Room

About The Art

These masterpieces are handpicked from various parts of Pakistan. They are put for sale to promote the Pakistani Talent and show the skills of Pakistani Artists. Click Here to view all the Paintings


Add traditional and unique style to your apartment to stand apart


Pakistan has a rich history of art and its admirers. The architecture and art of Moghals are its main identity. It is also a home to ancient Indus Valley Civilization and Mohen Jo Darro. Its culture rich history is preserved by its Artisans in the form of handicrafts. Click Here to view all the Handicrafts submitted to Shahkaar.

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